E-file is a service which gives authorized services providers the ability to send individual income tax return information to IRS by using the Internet. Taxpayers take their documents to a registered tax professionals, CPA or online tax preparation services provider with the help of which they prepare their tax return electronically and send it to the IRS using electronic filing (efile) option.

E-file is the accepted term for electronic filing, or sending your income tax return from a tax software package via the Internet to the IRS. With IRS e-file you can prepare your own return and pay a professional only to transmit it electronically, or you can pay to have your return both prepared and transmitted. Whichever you choose, shop around for a tax professional who offers the services you need at an acceptable cost to you.

IRS e-file returns are virtually error-proof with an error rate of less than one percent. IRS e-file greatly reduces the chance that you will get an error letter from the IRS.

E-file is available for both individual and corporate income tax returns. Using E-file makes processing tax returns and the tax refund process faster. E file is fast and safe, paper filing with low resources and less time consuming we can say that E-filing is NO time process. Find out which is best for you, or if you are required to file on paper.

E-file can be concerned with lots of issue and topic related to income tax refund like what people should do paper filling or E-filing? Each and every coin has two side like that E-file also have some Dark side and E-file benefits also. Also we discuss Limitation of E-file and E-filing Tips. If you want to file your tax via Electronic filing then what precautions you have to take and what are the common mistakes done while preparing Income Tax Return.

Are you still waiting and hesitating over whether you should go with E-filing or not? According to one survey done by IRS 63% population of US are using Electronic Filing or say E-filing. IRS officials say the surge in e-file popularity shows that taxpayers are becoming more comfortable using computers to file their tax returns.

Have a question regarding filing late return, go through the frequently asked question relating to filing a late tax return.

Why Electronic E filing?
E-file is a paperless tax return, quick easy and smart way to your taxes where you want them to be done. With IRS e-file your can e-file your income tax return electronically with the IRS instead of preparing it on paper and printing out IRS tax forms and then mailing them physical to IRS. A hassle free tax return preparation.

Should I E-file or Paper File?
Submitting your tax return by E-file and mailing it on paper are the only two ways to send your tax return to the IRS. E-file is faster, safer, and generally more convenient than paper filing. Filing on paper is generally cheaper, and refunds take longer.