Online Tax Return

Over the past decade, Internet technology has revolutionized the way things work and has completely changed the lifestyle of people. Recently the conventional way of filing paper return to IRS is being replaced by online tax return. Online tax return systems have virtually eliminated the delay that used to be associated with filing tax papers with the government. The process of filing an online tax return is simple and trouble free.

Online returns eliminate the need for going through tiring steps of rushing to the local IRS offices and post offices and waiting in never ending queues to post the papers before the due date. Online tax return system has reduced the time gap between filing tax returns and receiving tax refunds. There are many advantages of online tax returns.

  • Online tax returns are processed faster than paper returns.
  • Your tax is worked out automatically as you complete the form so you know what you owe or are owed right away
  • Any money you are owed by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is paid more quickly than if you file on paper
  • If you’re on PAYE and want to pay any tax you owe (where this is possible) through your tax code, the deadline for filing online is 30 December instead of 30 September (the paper return deadline)
  • Filing online is convenient and can be done at any time of day or night
  • You can monitor your Self Assessment ‘account’ online – this includes statements of your payment history and what you currently owe or are owed
  • You get an immediate online acknowledgement as soon as HMRC receives your completed tax return

Its safe to file online tax return.

Filing an online tax return is secure and convenient. Any sensitive or private information you file online with HMRC is encrypted and protected by your unique User ID and a password which only you know. It is important that you never share your password with anyone. HMRC will never ask you for your password by telephone or email.